May 23, 2019 Most Added at Jazzweek – gaining momentum

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Larry Corban debuts at #10 on the NACC Top 30 Jazz Chart

Top 30 Jazz Charts

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

TW LW Artist Recording Label
1 1 WYNTON MARSALIS Bolden (Original Soundtrack) Blue Engine
2 10 DAVE STRYKER Eight Track III Strikezone
3 2 JOSHUA REDMAN QUARTET Come What May Nonesuch
4 3 BETTY CARTER The Music Never Stops Blue Engine
5 5 ERIC REED Everybody Gets The Blues Smoke Sessions
6 4 KENDRICK SCOTT ORACLE A Wall Becomes A Bridge Blue Note
7 7 HERLIN RILEY Perpetual Optimism Mack Avenue
8 8 FIVE PLAY Live From The Firehouse Stage Diva Jazz
9 6 PETER LIN New Age Old Ways Self-Released
10 N/A LARRY CORBAN Emergence Nabroc
11 12 CORY WEEDS QUINTET Live At Frankie’s Jazz Club Cellar Live
12 22 SIMON SAMMUT AND OMAR VAZQUEZ Gravity Self-Released
13 13 BRANFORD MARSALIS QUARTET Secret Between The Shadow & The Soul Okeh
15 N/A ALICIA OLATUJA Intuition: Songs From The Minds Of Women Resilience
16 14 QUIANA LYNELL A Little Love Concord Jazz
17 15 CATHERINE RUSSELL Alone Together Dot Time
18 19 STEVE DAVIS Correlations Smoke Sessions
19 11 JOEL ROSS Kingmaker Blue Note
20 9 COMET IS COMING, THE Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery Impulse!
22 25 ULYSSES OWENS JR Songs Of Freedom Resilience
23 N/A ASHLEY PEZZOTTI We’ve Only Just Begun Self-Released
24 27 TYLER BLANTON Sense Of Place Destiny
25 N/A STEVE LIPMAN Hats Off Self-Released
26 N/A GEORGE BENSON Walking To New Orleans Provogue
27 29 JOHN COLTRANE Coltrane ’58: The Prestige Recordings Craft
28 N/A HAZEL MITCHELL BELL Stronger Than Ever Self-Released
29 20 JOEY DEFRANCESCO In The Key Of The Universe Mack Avenue
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Tonight (5/21) on Desert Island Jazz: the Larry Corban Quintet

, Roberto Magris Septet, the Mike Allen Trio, plus Wes Mongomery, Lee Morgan, and Fats Waller. 6 – 9 PM Eastern on WHFC 91.1 FM and online. Playlist and stream link at

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Emergence is #17 at RMR Top 50 Jazz Albums for the week of May 18, 2019

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Emergence Hit the Top Adds Chart at NACC Week Ending May 14, 2019

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Jazz2love/ Album Review May 10, 2019

Album Review: Emergence from Larry Corban

Album Review:  Emergence from Larry Corban

Album:  Emergence

Artist:  Larry Corban

Label:  Nabroc Records


Guitarist Larry Corban demonstrates a kindred spirit to those lyrically-inspired bop artists before him, recalling the music of saxophonist Stan Getz and pianist Bud Powell. Dapper and smooth, the music on his latest CD Emergence from Nabroc Records shows the ingenuity of 60’s jazz with influences of modern adult pop and fusion.  As a result, Corban’s distinctive brand of jazz co-mingles decades of bop, fusion, and cool jazz. 

The subtle pulse of Harvie S’s upright bass strolling comfortably along “Never Let Me Go” is cushioned by Steve Williams’s gentle percussive strokes and Corban’s sweet sounding notes, all lyrically strewn to exude a lullaby-like glow.  The tempo is quicken to a speedy shuffle across “On the Fly” as Jerry Bergonzi’s saxophone emerges, scrolling a sequence of improvised phrases that recedes as Corban’s guitar licks take centerstage etching soft streaks.  The bouncy rhythmic thrusts of “You and the Night and the Music” have a straight-ahead jazz vibrancy that displays Corban’s charismatic dexterity on the guitar, which switches focus to the volcanic romper “Sea of Fire,” showcasing Bergonzi’s fiery saxophone wails and the rapid splashing of Williams’s cymbals.

As his 5th CD, Corban demonstrates his openness to share the stage with his musicians.  Joined by saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi and the Aperturistic Trio, which consists of Steve Williams on drums, Harvis S on bass, and James Weidman on piano, Corban welcomes the improvisations of his collaborators and builds on their ideas.


Larry Corban – guitar

Jerry Bergonzi – saxophone

Steve Williams – drums

Harvie S – upright bass

James Weidman – piano

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5 out of 5 stars Amazon Review of Emergence May 9, 2019

Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 stars

‘Swing is in!’

May 9, 2019

New York jazz guitarist Larry Corban emerges on a new recording with the Aperturistic Trio on his Gibson L-5 guitar with a blend of swing on up-tempo burners and tender lyricism on relaxed ballads. A fine addition to the ‘quartet’ is Jerry Bergonzi on tenor sax on four of the songs. According to Bill Milkowski, ‘The music is on the cusp of straight-ahead jazz in the present moment with an intentional nod towards the mid 60’s Blue Note era.’

The ensemble is Larry Corban – guitar, Harvie S – upright bass, James Weidman – piano, Steve Williams – drums, and Jerry Bergonzi – tenor saxophone.

The tracks are Sea of Fire, Table Steaks, Observer Effect, Soon to Be, Never Let Me Go, On the Fly, Non-Determinism, and You and the Night and the Music.

As the liner notes say, ‘Swing is in! All over the world, from Manhattan to Moscow, audiences these days are embracing the sound of big band jazz that gets listeners up from their seats and out moving on the dance floor.’ While listening to this super recording it is next to impossible to stay seated – you’ll be up and dancing like old times! Grady Harp, May 19

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Emergence has been released and is #23 on RMR Top 50 Jazz Charts

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FAME Review: Larry Corban – The Corbanator by Mark S. Tucker

FAME Review: Larry Corban & the Aperturistic Trio – The Corbanator
by Mark S. Tucker

Larry Corban’s the kind of amphetamine-fingered guitarist who won’t play three notes when 30 can be fitted in, the ilk of caffeinated six string conversationalist technicians and progressive listeners are always a-hunt for. The Corbanator opens with a fiery swing number, his own Dizzy Affairs, and if the nomenclature is an homage to the famed Gillespie, then the rendition’s spot-on…and if it ISN’T thusly written, it’s still squarely on the mark, ’cause Diz spieled out tons of great solos just like Corban’s simultaneous melody line / improv chops. His dexterities and acumen aren’t accidental, having played with a roster of estimables.

If you’re inclined to love the fusiony side of trad jazz, this is the disc for you. Corban gets so involved in complex lines that at times it appears he’s ready to jump into noise and the avant-garde—never does, but I had to get out the flatboard in order to hand-iron the extra crenellations the cuts grooved into my brain, so convoluted and abstruse were they. Sweeeeeet! This is Grant Green by way of John McLaughlin. Pianist James Weidman frequently jumps into the deep end as well but also possesses a comping technique that damn near becomes co-conversational with Corban’s solos. The inimitable Harvie S, a cat with a pedigree so long and esteemed that…no! no! I can’t go there lest Lethe descend once more!, so suffice it to say his lines are thick and meaty even when restrained. With that guy, every note counts and is well considered.

Drummer Steve Williams has, as critics noted in the group’s debut (The Circle Starts Here—and, hey, if THAT’S a reference to the cool-beyond-cool old Corea/Braxton/Holland/Altschul band, Circle, then it too is apropos ’cause Corban woulda tore it up inside that legendary aggregate), a discernable Tony Williams element strongly evident, and he’s all over the place in cuts like Event Horizon. The 1938 chestnut Old Folks tempers things down into balladry, letting the ensemble catch its collective breath while allowing the audience to extinguish its flaming hair, a measured jazzy waltz named for the rest home set. Its follower, Stacked Coincidences, is at first a bit more up-tempo and somewhat more Adult Contemporary…but in a way that makes that otherwise reeking marketing label gain luster…until Corban, who can’t restrain himself, thank God, lights up again and takes off flying. Comport your listening environment accordingly.

Track List: Dizzy Affairs; The Corbanator; Sea Of Fire; Hidden Reality; Event Horizon; Old Folks (Hill / Robison); Stacked Coincidences; Two, Two, Three Step; Swamp Ditty; Don’t Lock The Top; Limits Of Inquiry; Blue In Green (Davis / Evans); You Stepped Out Of A Dream (Kahn / Brown).

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Larry Corban May 2018 Gigs!

I’ve got some cool gigs coming up in May.

Wednesday May 9th with the Yashmin Charnet-Abler Bossa Trio at Trumpet’s from 6:30 -9:30pm. Trumpet’s is located at 6 Depot Sq. Montclair, NJ 07042
Venue phone: (973) 744-2600
Saturday May 12th duo with Michelle Walker at Anyway Cafe BK from 9 – 12pm Anyway Cafe is lacated at 1602 Gravesend Neck Rd Venue phone: (718) 934-5988
Sunday May 13th, Mother’s Day Double Header, with the Yashmin Charnet-Abler Bossa Trio at Trumpet’s from 11:30 – 3:00pm
Sunday May 13th, Mother’s Day Double Header, Larry Corban Electric Trio with Greg Gonzalez and Scott Hogan at Silvana from 7 – 8pm. One set. Silvana is located at 300 West 116th St. Venue phone: (646) 692-4935
Wednesday May 16th with the Yashmin Charnet-Abler Bossa Trio at the Delancie from 6:30-8:00pm. The Dalancey is located at 168 Delancey Street. Venue phone: (212) 254-9920
Thursday May 17th, duo with Grace Garland at Anyway Cafe West Village from 8 – 11pm. Anyway Cafe West Village is located at 34 East 2nd St.
Monday May 28th, Larry Corban Electric Trio with Greg Gonzalez and Scott Hogan at Shrine from 7 – 8pm. One set. Shrine is located at 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd. (133rd and 134th St.) Venue phone: (212) 690-7807
Come out and enjoy live music! 🙂
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