Blistering Lines, energetic rhythms and melodically pleasing melodies……….

bop verging upon fusion but without the distortion, power chords, and usual outside paraphernalia……..In fact, one of the more surprising aspects of this CD is that the guy is ceaselessly splitting down the mathematics and possibilities of what he’s writing. It’s a fascinating process and quickly becomes apparent he’s improvising on multiple levels………this guy exceeds expectations………slotting him with Metheny and McLaughlin (and even George Benson, whose old stuff to this day knocks me out) is perfect. Several worlds meet in his work and spawn a fourth: Corban’s own……….

Freestyle phrasing with melodic sound structures is guitarist Larry Corban’s means of making music. His trio with bassist Harvie S and drummer Steve Williams make their debut with The Circle Starts Here covering a breadth of musical expressions inspired by the jam-based jazz made in the ’60s and ’70s from the likes of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Elvin Jones, and Wes Montgomery……………Corban’s trio sounds thoroughly practiced and well versed for their debut recording. Each of the musicians exhibits their melodic sensibilities and harmonic tendencies to the highest grade. Inspired by the jazz bards of the ’60s and ’70s, The Circle Starts Here is made for a present day generation of jazz fans while remembering those musicians who propelled lounge room jazz onto the global radar……..

Larry Corban has a very different voice as a Jazz Guitarist.  His single note lines are fluid and his chord solos very punchy and percussive.  Fans of the more outside and modern players should give him a listen……

A burning guitar trio led by Larry Corban…………Corban is a no-nonsense player who can manage blistering chops without losing an in-the-pocket relaxed feel…….

The first thing a jazz guitarist can do to get a “thank you” from me is to simply make the guitar sound like a guitar. Corban passes test #1!……..Impressive guitar chops can be found here!…..

a George Benson meets Grant Green hybrid of six string wonder. Artistic comparisons are inherently unfair by nature as the comparison here are used to simply give one the idea of the lyrical force that is Larry Corban. Clean angular solos with a charming intimacy and necessary fire when the moment is right, a truly unique voice for guitar…………As solid and well thought out as any guitar trio to date. Larry Corban is well on his way as his musical stock would appear to be an arrow pointing straight up!……….

With this recording the Larry Corban Trio is likely to become a widely talked about and listened to jazz ensemble……..

Corban’s clean, snappy lines and sharp, glowing chords on full display………

Sharp-edged, driving, metallic chording, stinging single notes, and the seemingly effortless ability to move back and forth between the two modes……Dan McClenaghan’s Review at of “Moving 4-Ward” August 25, 2003