epk-photoLarry has taught private students young and old from beginner to advanced and is interested in doing masterclasses/clinics at universities, music schools and affiliated music programs.

For intermediate students – the focus will be on foundational music techniques: basic technique (picking, finger-style, steady rhythm, and play with good tone), basic harmony/theory (learning to read, play scales, understand chords, analyze and play rhythms, and how to phrase melodies), and playing by ear.

For advanced students – his approach revolves around having the student find their own unique voice musically through the process of improvisation. The emphasis for more advanced students is in a jazz direction, but the process of improvisation, which can be applied to any musical style, is open to practitioners interested in all mediums of music. Songwriting and composition are a byproduct of improvisation. Improvisation can be viewed as “spontaneous composition” and composition as “freeze-frame improvisation.”

If you feel like your playing is bogged down by “too much” information or “not enough” information, learn how to “look for the sounds that are appropriate” without having to endlessly memorize new information.

Larry is available for private instruction, masterclasses and college clinics. “If you live near NYC, feel free to email or contact me so we can find a time to meet up.” Skype lessons on the way! CLICK HERE to contact Larry.