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CD Review: Larry Corban – The Circle Starts Here.

Larry Corban (gtr); Harvie S (bs); Steve Williams (dms).

Corban has worked with many big hitters including Robert Glasper, Big John Patton, Wayne Krantz and Roy Hargrove to mention but a few. This is his debut trio recording as a leader and it’s an impressive start. This is no “Jazz Metal” thrash but a selection of meaningful originals by Corban plus one standard.

The comments below are mainly his.

Sideswiped: Dedicated to Cannonball and Lee Morgan.. Boppy and swingy and harmonically sound.

Bossa Barb: I quote. “relates to those gorgeous women you dream about.” (I played this track twice and it worked!)  Enjoy the Ride: Goes off at tempo de lick and rubber stamps  the guitarists technique.

Seventh Dimension: In 7/8 time. It was originally in 3/4 then it was called Third Dimension. Steel strung acoustic does the business on this one.  The Second She Leaves: “I’m gonna sit down and write a book…next time”. Listen to Harvie S’ bowed bass.  On The Sly: Is another 7/8 workout that was morphed from a 4/4 version called On The Fly.  Blink of an Eye: In 5/4, a description of a short-lived relationship. (If you say so Larry! Personally I think it’s a terrific track irrespective of the background.)  3 Hours Late: A ballad that was written whilst waiting for a lady – at least I got a tune out of it he says. (I’d want more than a tune!)

Roll The Dice:  Refers to online dating – “You never know what you’ll get.” Story Inside My Head: Countdown changes in 5/4 with a new melody. Dream Wheel: Written overlooking a ski slope in Steamboat Springs, Co. Wolf’s Den: named after a friends club in the above resort  Hmmm: Unaccompanied fingerstyle ballad.  East of the Sun: Listen to Williams’ brushwork.  Maybe I cheated on this one by quoting mainly from the booklet but I couldn’t top them!

One for guitar buffs and music lovers.

Larry Corban – The Circle Starts Here. was released in June on Nabroc Records.

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