Reviewed By: Vince Lewis

Reviewed By:  Vince Lewis

The Circle Starts Here

Larry Corban

Nabroc Records NBR-001

Guitarist Larry Corban is currently based in New York City.  This is his debut album as a leader and features him in a trio format. Corban is joined by two fine veteran musicians, Harvie S (bass) and Steve Williams (drums).  Having a rhythm section of this caliber and experience certainly is a plus for any guitarist looking for terrific support and inspiration.

Corban has appeared with varied artists such as Oz Noy, Rick Stone, Gerry Neiwood, Roy Hargrove and several other notable players.  He has studied privately with Pat Martino and holds a B.M. in Jazz studies from Ithaca College.  Bassist Harvie S has held the # 1 Billboard chart in 2013 for his duo CD with pianist Kenny Barron.  Steve Willams held the drum chair with vocalist Shirley Horn for 20 years.

The majority of the tunes on the CD are Corban originals.  “Sideswiped” is an opening swing tune that gives the rhythm section a chance to shine.  The melody is modern in nature, and Corban has a signature dark guitar tone.  His single note solo moves through the chord changes well. Harvie S is as solid as ever underneath the steady barrage of steady eighth note phrases from Corban.  “Bossa Barb” is up next and Corban begins with a plaintive minor chord melody statement that moves into major for the bridge section.

“Enjoy The Ride” is a very up tempo selection that Harvie S. and Williams do a terrific job holding together and providing energy to.  “Seventh Dimension” is an overdubbed guitar duet that has a very staccato and punchy melody in 7/8 time.  “The Second She Leaves” features Harvie S with a plaintive bowed bass melody statement that moves into a pizzicato section.  His playing is always interesting and a pleasure to hear.


Other tunes included are “On The Sly,” “Blink Of An Eye,” “3 Hours Late,” “Roll The Dice” and “Story Inside My Head.”  There is a nice mix of rhythmic feels in Corban’s catalog here.  His compositions are very different than the average in their harmonic structure. One can definitely see the influence of his private instructors Vic Juris and Mick Goodrick on his playing.


The CD comes to a close with the Jazz Standard “East of The Sun” by Bruce Bowman.


Larry Corban has a very different voice as a Jazz Guitarist.  His single note lines are fluid and his chord solos very punchy and percussive.  Fans of the more outside and modern players should give him a listen.

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