by Jan van Leersum

translated from Belgium to English by Google Translater


A debut, this CD Larry Corban and his trio , consisting of Corban ( GTR ) , bassist Harvie S , and drummer Steve Williams, who was the drummer of 25 years, Shirley Horn . All songs except “East of the sun” ( Brooks Bowman ) are written by Larry Corban .


The songs range from upbeat 4/4 in “Enjoy the ride” , medium tempo swing in ” sideswiped ” introspective bossa in ” Roll the dice ” a beautiful ballad “The second she leaves” with bowed bass Harvie S.


Apart from the songs on electric guitar ( Gibson L5 ) there are also songs on the acoustic guitar , including the stunning solo piece ” Hmm ” and documents which are both used as in ” Seventh Dimension” . The trio is completely free in the burner ” On the sly ” , this CD is a must for lovers of jazz guitar and acoustic recordings, the fans of John McLaughlin’s album “My Goals Beyond” and Pat Metheny ‘s ” One quiet night ” certainly will enjoy this CD.

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