Emergence Review Alert: Audiophile Review

Larry Corban – “Emergence” – Nabroc Records, Inc.

Suffice it so say that Larry Corban has worked with so many noted musicians that listing them all is not possible. All that experience has served him well as an earlier release, “Corban Nation” was ranked on four different jazz charts from #18 to #1, depending on which jazz chart was keeping score. In his fifth and most recent release, Corban sets down eight tracks of straight up, traditional jazz. And through them all, Corban is using a burgundy Gibson L-5 for all the guitar work. He is joined by the traditional jazz instruments of bass, piano, drums and saxophone.  All throughout this release, each musician takes his turn at some measure of a solo showcasing his own particular skills. While this is traditional jazz, it is also, on most tracks anyway, upbeat and in possession of a pretty good tempo. I found this to be a highly listenable work of traditional jazz and one that kept my interest – meaning I didn’t feel like I wanted to skip to the next track. Really good, this one. I’d say thumbs up.

Overall:   8

Sonics:   8


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