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Album Review: Emergence from Larry Corban

Album Review:  Emergence from Larry Corban

Album:  Emergence

Artist:  Larry Corban

Label:  Nabroc Records

Website:  http://larrycorban.com/

Guitarist Larry Corban demonstrates a kindred spirit to those lyrically-inspired bop artists before him, recalling the music of saxophonist Stan Getz and pianist Bud Powell. Dapper and smooth, the music on his latest CD Emergence from Nabroc Records shows the ingenuity of 60’s jazz with influences of modern adult pop and fusion.  As a result, Corban’s distinctive brand of jazz co-mingles decades of bop, fusion, and cool jazz. 

The subtle pulse of Harvie S’s upright bass strolling comfortably along “Never Let Me Go” is cushioned by Steve Williams’s gentle percussive strokes and Corban’s sweet sounding notes, all lyrically strewn to exude a lullaby-like glow.  The tempo is quicken to a speedy shuffle across “On the Fly” as Jerry Bergonzi’s saxophone emerges, scrolling a sequence of improvised phrases that recedes as Corban’s guitar licks take centerstage etching soft streaks.  The bouncy rhythmic thrusts of “You and the Night and the Music” have a straight-ahead jazz vibrancy that displays Corban’s charismatic dexterity on the guitar, which switches focus to the volcanic romper “Sea of Fire,” showcasing Bergonzi’s fiery saxophone wails and the rapid splashing of Williams’s cymbals.

As his 5th CD, Corban demonstrates his openness to share the stage with his musicians.  Joined by saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi and the Aperturistic Trio, which consists of Steve Williams on drums, Harvis S on bass, and James Weidman on piano, Corban welcomes the improvisations of his collaborators and builds on their ideas.


Larry Corban – guitar

Jerry Bergonzi – saxophone

Steve Williams – drums

Harvie S – upright bass

James Weidman – piano


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