Larry Corban: Corban Nation reviewed at Jazz Weekly

Larry Corban: Corban Nation
by George W. Harris • January 12, 2017 •

Guitarist Larry Corban teams up with a blues-grooved team of Harvie S/b, James Weidman/p-key, Steve Williams/dr and guest Steve Slagle/as-ss for some picking and grinning. The team gets a bit funky and Headhunter-y with hip keyboards and thick bass work cruising on “What It Is.” Slagle’s soprano is hip on the upbeat bopper “In-Vision” while the Corban bends the bluesy strings with Slagle’s alto on the title song. The fall back is soul grooves, with nice picking on “Segment” and “The Shape of Time” while the team shows some elliptical moments on ‘Trekian Logic.” Corban shines gloriously on the rich read of “I Should Care” and is delicate with Weidman’s piano and S’s bowed bass on the reflective “Child’s Tune.” A fret fest!

Larry Corban: Corban Nation


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