Sonic Musings Made from ‘60s Jazz Palettes

Sonic Musings Made from ‘60s Jazz Palettes

Freestyle phrasing with melodic sound structures is guitarist Larry Corban’s means of making music. His trio with bassist Harvie S and drummer Steve Williams make their debut with The Circle Starts Here covering a breadth of musical expressions inspired by the jam-based jazz made in the ’60s and ’70s from the likes of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Elvin Jones, and Wes Montgomery.

The music is made for entertainment purposes bent on putting listeners in a cheerful mood such as the melodies that are popular in present day lounge rooms, dining halls, and night clubs. Opening with “Sideswiped” which shows influences of Cannonball Adderley and Lee Morgan, the track is chiseled from a dancing beat and utilizes the nimble movements of Corban’s fingers across the guitar strings to brighten the number to a posh Hawaiian patina. “Bossa Barb” is an introspective melody as Corban’s strings weave dreamy rumba style lulls into the piece, and travel into the cruising cadence of “Enjoy the Ride” supported by the bustling pulse of the drums and bass.


The jutting chord rotations quilt bucolic flickers along “Seventh Dimension,” and kindle a starlit ambience in “The Second She Leaves.” The bebop motifs of “On the Sly” showcase the trio’s agile dynamics and harmonic prowess, and seal “Blink of an Eye” in bluesy boosters with soft contours. The pliable inflections of the guitar strings bending and reclining along “3 Hours Late” and “Roll the Dice” canvass the tracks in placid ethers while the bass driven “Story Inside My Head” has a heavy feel. The slow tempo of “Dream Wheel” emphasizes each guitar note, and the bluesy shading of “Wolf’s Den” protracts an upbeat vibe. “Hmm” resounds with the blissfulness of a sweet lullaby, and “East of the Sun” has a casual stride that mollifies the senses.


Corban’s trio sounds thoroughly practiced and well versed for their debut recording. Each of the musicians exhibits their melodic sensibilities and harmonic tendencies to the highest grade. Inspired by the jazz bands of the ’60s and ’70s, The Circle Starts Here is made for a present day generation of jazz fans while remembering those musicians who propelled lounge room jazz onto the global radar.


Musicians: Larry Corban – guitar, Harvie S – bass, Steve Williams – drums


Tracklisting: Sideswiped, Boss Barb, Enjoy the Ride, Seventh Dimension, The Second She Leaves, On the Sly, Blink of an Eye, 3 Hours Late, Roll the Dice, Story Inside My Head, Dream Wheel, Wolf’s Den, Hmm, East of the Sun



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