Radio Reviews

Radio Reviews:


Have been playing the new Corban CD and have been enjoying it very much, Excellent!

~Jim Clark, KUSD South Dakota Public Broadcasting


Larry Corban a bright new face on the New York jazz scene is a gifted guitarist and composer, he is excellent!

~Peter Kuller, Radio Adelaide Australia


Larry Corban, The Circle Starts Here (Nabroc).  Belgian-born, NYC-based guitarist Corban unites with bassist Harvie S and drummer Steve Williams in a set list of calm daring.  Corban experiments with various guitars and strings, all the while giving each trio-mate a starring role.  Almost all originals, Django would be proud of this re-energized Gypsy guitar.

~Ann Porotti, WTJU Charlottesville, VA.


Good Stuff!!

~Bill Moody, KSVY Sonoma, CA.


It’s a beautiful record!

~ Marta Ulvaeus, KCSB Santa Barbara, CA

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