THE BIRMINGHAM TIMES Musical Callens By Esther Callens

Musical Callens 
By Esther Callens

New York based guitarist Larry Corban returns with his sophomore album. The Corbanator (Nabroc Records), its title, is a collection of 13 tracks. The Aperturistic Trio joins Corban on this project that consists of 10 Corban originals.

Included also are three interpretations, which are “Old Folks” (Dedette Lee Hill), “Blue In Green” (Miles Davis) and “You Stepped Out Of A Dream” (Gus Kahn and Nacio Herb Brown).

On the Corbanator, Larry and the Trio present a mellow vibe – which is ultimately enjoyable.

Track Listing: Dizzy Affair; The Corbanator, Sea Of Fire; Hidden Reality; Event Horizon; Old Folks; Stacked Coincidences; Two, Two, Three Step; Swamp Ditty; Don’t Lock The Top; Limits Of Inquiry; Blue In Green; You Stepped Out Of A Dream.

Album Personnel: Larry Corban (guitar). Aperturistic Trio: James Weidman (piano); Harvie S (bass); Steve Williams (drums).

— with Harvie S Bass and 3 others.

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