Daniel Witter, KAMP Radio Tuscon, AZ

It’s a good thing the place I live has air conditioning; else I might’ve succumbed to a little heat exhaustion while listening to this. Larry Corban does NOT quit, and fortunately has found some cats that can likewise give 100% to make a sick album. In my experience, I have a lot of trouble finding guitar-based jazz that escapes being slow fusion, and this takes the cake of doing precisely that; “cold” fusion still remains a scientific impossibility while these guys are around. I very much look forward to hearing what delightfully speedy riffs and grooves they have for us next, and in the meantime, “The Corbanator” will tide me over just fine. My selections in “Recommended Tracks” are perfunctory since really any of these are stellar. Pick a number, select a color. Play away! If you need me, I’ll be chilling my room. Playing this album, A lot. Take a note out of my book on this one.
~Daniel Witter, KAMP Radio Tuscon, AZ.


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