~Hobart Taylor, KUCI Irvine, CA.

Larry Corban – The Corbanator – (Nabroc Records)
Guitarist Corban is a fusion between Les Paul and Sonny Sharrock… which is to say that he has super precise chops and can play outside while being solidly based in tradition. The CD is divided into three sections. The first five cuts with a backing trio are dynamic, swinging, up tempo, and challenging. The music and energy slow down for cuts 6 through 9 and then the record is reborn as Corban plays some outstanding duets with himself, both electric and acoustic, for the last 4 cuts. Highlights, “Sea of Fire” and “One Two Three Steps” for the band stuff, and “Limits Of Inquiry” and “Blue In Green” for the duets.

~Hobart Taylor, KUCI Irvine, CA. 

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